First United Methodist Church
Building Use Policy and Agreement
Church Groups and Community Groups
March 2009-Approved by the Administrative Board

The facilities of the First United Methodist Church have been constructed to the Glory of God and are held in trust for the United Methodist Church by the Board of Trustees. The Trustees are responsible for the maintenance and care of the facilities and determining their use.
The church facilities are intended for the use of the congregation of Ionia First United Methodist Church in worshiping God and carrying out Christian ministries through activities of evangelism, education, stewardship, Christian social concern, health and welfare, and mission outreach.  Facilities cannot be used for for-profit or partisan political uses.

1.    Meetings and activities must be scheduled at least one week in advance and marked on the church calendar, through the church office. All functions, except weddings, cannot be confirmed until 6 weeks prior to the event. Church events will have priority usage. Please call 616-527-1860 between 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Mondays or 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday for information regarding scheduling the event and submitting a "Building Use Agreement" (Attachment 1).
2.    All non-church sponsored activities scheduled for Saturdays must be concluded by 9:00 p.m.; building must be vacated by 10:00 p.m. This will allow the custodian's time to clean the facilities for Sunday worship service.

1.    Church property will not be loaned, borrowed, or removed from church premises with the exception of the following items.
a.    Wooden folding tables and folding chairs located in the Garage may be borrowed by church members for use outside the church facilities. Tables and chairs must be returned within 24 hours. The borrowing of any of the wooden tables or older folding chairs must be coordinated through the church office one week prior to use.
b.    Other tables and chairs may not be borrowed or removed from the church facilities.
2.    Church property such as chairs, tables, tablecloths, etc may be used when using the facility under the policies herein. Requests for such property must be coordinated with the church office one week prior to the meeting date, and documented on the "Building Use Agreement ".

Care should be used in the use of all facilities to protect against loss or misuse.
1.    Your meeting or gathering must be confined to your scheduled room/rooms.
2.    Audio Visual equipment use must be scheduled in advance and requires training in its use.  The Sanctuary A/V system is complex and will require a tech support person to be scheduled.
3.    Children and/or siblings of group members must stay with the group unless the church nursery has been scheduled and staffed through the church. Nursery/babysitting care, if authorized, will be held in the church nursery room.
4.    All activities must be appropriately supervised and appropriate noise levels maintained to not disturb other uses of the facility.
5.    No alcohol, controlled substances/drugs, or weapons are allowed on Church premises.  Smoking is not allowed inside church buildings. 
6.    After the meeting/gathering is completed, all doors must be closed and all lights turned off.
7.    The church office shall coordinate facility access. In case of emergency, contact Building Superintendent 616-755-0148; or Office Administrator at 527-1860.

1.    The church area used by your group must be left clean and orderly with church furniture and property returned to its designated place.  Please refer to plan posted on wall of each room.
2.    No decorations or equipment should damage the surface they are affixed to.  (i.e. no duct tape, nails, etc.)

1.    A member of the UMW must be present if food is cooked in the kitchen by an outside group.
2.    The kitchen must be left clean and orderly after use.
3.    Garbage and trash should be bagged and carried to the dumpster. Trashcans must be securely closed.
4.    Church supplies are for church events only. All other groups must provide their own supplies.

Members of the Church will pay no facility use fees.  Janitorial, Child-care and Tech Support fees can be waived with approval of the Administrative Board. 
1.    $50.00 per hour for one area, such as the Fellowship hall, Chapel, Memorial room or classroom space.
2.    $75.00 per hour for two areas such as Fellowship Hall and classroom space. If more areas or space is needed, fee is subject to discussion with the Chairperson of the Trustees.
3.    The Sanctuary fee shall be $200 per event.
4.    Child-care fee is $10.00 per hour per worker and must be arranged through the church office at least one week prior to the scheduled activity. No more than 5 children per worker shall be permitted.
5.    A $20.00 per hour Tech Support fee for use of the Sanctuary A/V equipment.
6.    A $25.00 janitorial fee will be required one week prior to the event. The Sanctuary janitorial fee is $50.
7.    If a set-up is requested on the "Building Use Agreement", the fee will be $20.00 per hour (one hour minimum).
8.    Please note that the person that signs this "Building Use Agreement" is responsible for the cost to repair any damages that result from your meeting or event. In the event your group does not comply with the rules stated herein, your group may not be granted future use of the facility.

1.    All building use policies must be followed.
2.    One adult person will be present to monitor each room being used. This would include the halls and restrooms to insure safety and facility use.
3.    Food and drinks must be served only in the kitchen or fellowship hall area, or outdoors.

1.    In General, the Sanctuary is not available for use unless coordinated directly with the Pastor. If permission to use the Sanctuary is obtained, the following guidelines apply:
a.    The Sanctuary of the church is a holy place, consecrated to the worship of Almighty God. The Sanctuary must be respected at all times and for all uses. Consider the authority and the reverence of the worship area.
b.    No smoking or food is allowed in the Sanctuary. Drinks are not allowed in the Sanctuary, except for Sacramental Elements. 
c.    None of the Sanctuary furnishings may be moved, covered or altered in any way from their intended purposes without permission of the Pastor.  The altar table is not to be used as an ordinary table.
2.    You are encouraged to use the Chapel for meetings that require a worship area.
3.    The Sanctuary may not be used for performance of "Broadway type" musicals or plays.
4.    Church sponsored/related events such as Christmas or Easter pageants, children's programs, religious dance performances, and music recitals are welcomed.

Church facilities may not be used by "For Profit" events or groups. This could jeopardize the "non-profit" tax status of the church. Single events and/or reoccurring meetings, which result in the collection of fees or dues shall be approved by the trustees and documented in the 'Building Use Agreement".

1.    Determine which of the available rooms and/or other facilities/services are required to support your meeting.
2.    Complete the "Building Use Agreement", sign and return to the church secretary at least two weeks prior to the event.
3.    Church secretary will determine the required fees per this policy and forward to the chairperson of Trustees or Pastor for review and approval or disapproval.
4.    If approved, the group must pay all applicable fees at least one week prior to the event.
5.    If an event is cancelled with less than 2 days notice, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be deducted from the Facility Fees paid.

1.    This policy is available from the Ionia First Website (www.ioniafirst.com). The building use agreement form may be completed and emailed to the church office to facilitate coordination. A signed version of the agreement along with required fees will need to be delivered to the church office at least two weeks prior to the event.
2.    Rooms available for use per this policy and their occupancy:
a.    All Sunday school classrooms (10 - 30 people)
b.    Chapel (20 People)
c.    Sanctuary (200 people)
d.    Fellowship Hall (100 people)
e.    Memorial Room (20 people)
f.    East Lawn. (Hundreds)

Church Use Agreement Form available for download
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