Children's Programs


Our Nursery is available
for our Sunday morning service.
All children (babies ~ pre-school)
are invited to our nursery
where they will be lovingly cared for
by our trained attendants.
Our primary goal is to be a place of safety
for all children who come through our doors.


communion kids from joel kilgore on Vimeo.

At Ionia First, we feel that the reign of God is both a present
and a future reality.

We are committed to our youth programs,for it is only
through our younger members that this reign will be assured.

We understand that the needs and interests of the new generation
need fresh ideas and modern ways to guide them into a spiritual
connection with the Almighty.

Our Sunday School staff, offers a wide range
of programs designed to appeal to several age groups.

Junior Church is offered each Sunday during the pastor's sermon.

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Watch for exciting things to happen over the next few months.
There are some things in the planning stages.  Stay tuned.
Sunday School News
Our first studies this fall have taken us from Genesis 1 through The Flood. 
We are blessed to have committed teachers, Amber Campbell and Eric Asher, who help our children
grow in their faith and understanding of their Savior. 
Moving into the Advent Season we are HOPING to build a float for both Fellowship and outreach of
our congregation.  We need a couple more volunteers to help build our float.
Please call Jana Fedon at 527-5871 if your are willing to help.
ALSO, we need “Walkers” at the parade the 1st Friday
evening of December.  Walkers pass out candy and pamphlets inviting people to worship with us.
A Christmas presentation is being prepared for the children as well.  It will not be a “traditional”
play, but they will be taking the lead in the telling of Jesus’ birth.
Please pray for our children and our program, that our Father help the children receive His Word,
take it into their hearts and out into their world when they leave church.
As we are reminded, these children ARE OUR FUTURE.
It is our responsibility, each of us, to ensure they understand and know their place in our church and world.
This will be THEIR church one day. 
They will be the leaders and doers.
Help them understand their importance to the life of the church. 
If you ever have ideas or concerns, please contact Pastor Jonathan or Jana Fedon.
Ionia First United Methodist Church
Sunday Service 9:30 AM

Loving God
and Neighbor